Excerpt from ‘New Stars’

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After the woman showed them to their lodgings, they put down their bags and turned around. It looked exactly like what it was: a place for people with nowhere else to go. There were two bunk beds, a light globe hanging from the ceiling, and four windowless, white walls. Rosa took her husband’s hands in hers and explained the situation. She told him they wouldn’t be able to work for a week. She told him their money wouldn’t last that long. She was tired, hungry, scared. She waited for his reaction and tried not to think of the world as a place devoid of hope.

An excerpt from a recent story I wrote entitled ‘New Stars’. It is dedicated to, and inspired by, my grandmother.


Above Excellent Quotes #33

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He looked up. His pale hair looked white. He looked fourteen going on some age that never was. He looked as if he’d been sitting there and God had made the trees and rocks around him. He looked like his own reincarnation and then his own again. Above all else he looked to be filled with a terrible sadness. As if he harbored news of some horrendous loss no one else had heard of yet. Some vast tragedy not of fact or incident or event but of the way the world was.

An incredible passage taken from Cormac McCarthy’s incredibly powerful novel, The Crossing, which features as part two of his famous Border Trilogy.

‘Between the Line’ featured in the latest issue of Tincture

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Australian literary journal Tincture have just released their latest issue and it features a short story of mine entitled ‘Between the Line’. It also includes a ton of other stories and poems and it’s available from their website for only $8, so if you’re looking for something Australian, something value-for-money, follow the link and scoop her up. http://tincture-journal.com/buy-a-tincture/

Judge’s report from the 2014 Josephine Ulrick Literature Prize

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‘Cusp’ is a delicately rendered story about failure and resurrection. Two men, one young one old are set to work clearing scrub on a coastal track. The more experienced man is antagonistic towards the young man at first until he begins to recognise in him a dangerous pattern – alcoholism and the refusal to cope. While trying to make sense of the losses they’ve suffered and perhaps even caused they find solace in their talk and for the younger man perhaps even a way forward. All this from a young writer with enormous talent.’ Sally Breen

Dr. Sally Breen, one of the judges of the 2014 Josephine Ulrick Literature Prize, has written these lovely words about my story ‘The Cusp’ in her judge’s report. While it’s hard to think of myself as ‘a young writer with enormous talent’, I can’t deny that it’s nice (considering how much of a lonely pursuit writing can be) to receive the occasional bit of praise for the work you do.

Above Excellent Quotes #32

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I thought our faces might flare up and disappear the night in mid-June when we climbed the narrow stepped streets of Bisbee, Arizona, shocked by love, sort of self-erased, after a beer and a sandwich in a dark bar filled with copper miners and their heartworm dogs. I didn’t know it was possible to feel a thing like this, and then to feel it together, our heads half blown away and our minds emptied out, lost to everything but love.

Recently I read Don DeLillo’s 800+ page magnum opus, Underworld, and was completely overwhelmed by the depth and range of DeLillo’s writing. From his trademark humour to his obsession with the big issues facing the modern world, Underworld has it all. Refreshingly, it also contains some beautifully intimate moments such as the one presented here.

Above Excellent Quotes #31

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Early in his teens Luntz had fought Golden Gloves. Clumsy in the ring, he’d distinguished himself the wrong way — the only boy to get knocked out twice. He’d spent two years at it. His secret was that he’d never, before or since, felt so comfortable or so at home as when lying on his back and listening to the far-off music of the referee’s ten-count.

Denis Johnson has a way of describing his characters that is at once beautifully off-beat and original, and at the same time, incredibly memorable and effective. This description of Jimmy Luntz, the protagonist from his 2009 novel Nobody Move, is a perfect example.

‘The Cusp’ awarded runner-up in 2014 Josephine Ulrick Literature Prize

May 10, 2014 § 3 Comments

‘The Cusp’ awarded runner-up in 2014 Josephine Ulrick Literature Prize

Recently I was notified that my short story, ‘The Cusp’, has been awarded runner-up in this year’s Griffith University Josephine Ulrick Literature Prize. To say I’m both humbled and stoked with this result is an understatement. The list of past winners and runners-up is really impressive, and to have my name alongside them is an honour. A big congratulations goes out to the winner, Loren Clarke, with her story ‘Monsters’ (which I haven’t read but am sure is excellent). I believe both stories will be published in an upcoming edition of The Griffith Review, so keep your eyes out, and hopefully next year I can go one better.